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Livres d'Occasion
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Livres D'Occasion

Welcome to Livres D'Occasion. This is a community created for the buying, selling, and trading of books on linguistics, languages, and related topics. This community is managed and moderated by befatallymine and pne, due to the fact that books for learning languages are so expensive! Anyone is welcome to come and post advertisements, discuss books being sold, and buy books. Please do read the rules before joining and posting.

Rules of the Community

This community was created for the selling, trading, and buying of linguistic and language books in particular. Please keep "other" book advertisements at a minimum, although it is allowed that you post other ads.

When writing a post, be sure to give the title, author, a full description of the book, and your opinions on it. It is a good idea to give information about the condition, whether or not it comes from a smoking household, etc. Remember to be detailed! Picture posting is encouraged, but please keep these under LJ cuts.

Do not post any personal information except contact information and method of payment on the advertisements. Once a potential buyer is found, please take the discussing of payment, shipping, et cetera, to private email. All transactions are done at your own risk.